Newbie SQL Srvr11 NT to Sql any W95

Newbie SQL Srvr11 NT to Sql any W95

Post by Jim Zellme » Wed, 17 Sep 1997 04:00:00

I'm looking for a faq or documentation that walks me through the steps
to "replicate" a System 11 db on NT 4.0 to SQL Anywhere on W95 laptops.
I checked Sybase's www site and only found a course for $900.  Any book
or online resources out there?




Newbie SQL Srvr11 NT to Sql any W95

Post by Tom Iaruss » Wed, 17 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Our setup is nearly identical to yours, except right now we run our SQL
Anywhere server on NT3.51.

We run Replication Server along with SQL Server under UNIX.  The rep
server is the gateway into and out of SQL Server.  It is quite
complicated.  One book I know of on the subject is SYBASE Replication
Server Primer by Charles B. Clifford.  

On you NT machine, you'll need to run SQL Anywhere Server ( version
5.5.02 at least to clean up old bugs ).  The Open Server Gateway is
included as part of the SQL Anywhere Server package.  OSG is the gateway
for changes replicating into SQL Anywhere.  Sold separately is SQL
Anywhere Replication Agent, also referred to as the Log Transfer
Manager.  This component reads the database log and sends changes to the
rep server.

The Win95 clients communicate with the SQL Anywhere Server via DBREMOTE,
also included with SQL Anywhere. This process is pretty well documented
in the SQL Anywhere doc set.

In the latest version of SQL Anywhere (5.5.03) there are numerous
referrences made to a rep agent for UNIX.  I have not yet been able to
confirm this, but it appears that this rep agent may allow you to
communicate directly from SQL Server to the Win95 client, removing the
rep server and SQL Anywhere Server.  If you need the rep server for
other replication paths however, this won't be an option because rep
server and the rep agent can't share the same database log.

Hope this helped.


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