System 10 - DISK Array Problem

System 10 - DISK Array Problem

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We have a Sparc 1000 with 6 processors, 768 MB RAM and a bunch of disks.
The OS is Solaris 2.4.

One of the disk options is a DISK ARRAY with 6 trays of 3 GB each.

We have partitioned this array into even partitions of 250 MB each. We have a database which is going to spawn over 2 GB etc.

After creating the data-server, database, tables et al, we BCP the data from the existing production server (4.9.2) into this new data-server. (The two are on separate machines. We have allocated 512 MB to Sybase and have the latest EBF 4433 applied. (

We dump the database before and after BCP of the data. That works both on file system devices as well as tape devices. (No tape device is bigger than 2.0 GB)

When we try to do the first transaction log dump, we get error 4219 (unexpected end to the log page chain encountered)

We tried a similar scenario on another machine which is not using a disk array.
The dump tran works on that device. No problem there. We have the latest and greatest patches from Sun on the OS.


Has anyone tried to use a disk array on Sun and faced a similar problem ?

We would be glad to provide more details if anyone has any questions.

Pranava Doctor


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