Giant database - will it work

Giant database - will it work

Post by Michael E Wille » Wed, 21 Sep 1994 09:51:57

Quote:>>RAID guru John O'Brien..
DES writes:
>Perhaps Mr. O'Brien is a "guru" but it should be duly noted that he
>and Mr. Willett work together for the RAID "7" company and is not
>an independent source.

That's correct.  Mr. O'Brien doesn't work for the "blue" company,
and he doesn't work for the "red" company.  He designs and develops
the new generations of high performance massive storage systems for
Storage Computer, probably the fastest growing computer manufacturer on
the East Coast.  We don't see him that much, as he is usually working
long hours in the labs.  His technical reports on high speed storage seem
to be quite popular with DBAs.  I understand he may be coming out with
another technical report on high speed, intelligent storage sometime
soon.  The hot topics around here at the moment seem to be terabytes
to pedabytes, which I would guess he would be addressing.

Mike Willett
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Giant database - will it work

Post by Michael E Wille » Mon, 03 Oct 1994 00:11:17

Quote:Pavlov writes:
>...(repeats substance of comments posted by sales "advisors" providing
>those slow speed RAID 3/5 technologies developed back in the mid-1980s)

RAID theoretician O'Brien unfortunately hasn't had time in recent months
to make any postings about anything.  He's too busy running some advanced
R&D projects here at StorComp. As high speed storage requirements for
solid state disk performance are moving well into the terabyte range, it
seems the R&D engineers here work later and later in the evening.  It's
rather like the book "The Soul of a New Machine" which described the
breakthrough R&D project at DG a few years ago, and the round-the-clock
development work it involved.  Technical people needing information
above and beyond what is in the O'Brien high speed RAID reports, meanwhile,

the StorComp government multiple-terabyte programs.

Mike Willett
Storage Computer Corp.
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1. Giant database - will it work

Mike Baer at Mississippi State University writes:

Mike Baer's analysis is correct.  Magnetic storage prices have been dropping
rapidly and the pricing of Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive/Independent
Disks now approximates that of optical jukeboxes, while providing much,
much greater speed.  A recent study for the US Coast Guard summarized in
Imaging newspaper confirmed this, indicating it no longer makes sense to
install optical jukeboxes.  Owning similarly priced RAIDs with I/O
acceleration provides very large storage with solid state speed.  RAID
guru John O'Brien has published extensively on this in the technical
literature, analyzing the new high-speed RAIDs.  Copies are still
available here, either via email or in hard copy with graphs and charts.

Mike Willett
Storage Computer Corp.
11 Riverside St.
Nashua, NH 03062
Tel. 603-880-3005

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