free source code of higher level API over Open Client and Open Server

free source code of higher level API over Open Client and Open Server

Post by JF Touchet » Mon, 21 Sep 1998 04:00:00

If you have to write a Sybase Open Server application,
if you are looking for a reliable middleware to connect to your
SQL Server from Windows NT...
if you want to write robust Open Client programs on Unix or NT...

We might have something nice for you!  Read on...

For the users of Sybase SQL Server, the CIG gateway and the CT10dll
combination provides a middleware solution which brings higher
availability and robustness to client/server applications that use
RPC (calls to stored procedures).

The logging features of the CIG and CT10dll help to debug
client/server applications. The CIG log can be used as an
"honest witness" to determine if the source of a problem is
in the client or in the server (in the stored procedure).
The log can also be used to trace some details of RPC calls
(i.e.: parameters values).

Also, the source code offered (see URL below) can be useful to
developpers who have to implement new solutions with the Sybase
Open Server and Open Client (CT-Lib) libraries. The code
distributed here contains many examples that directly address
critical issues such as error recovery and resources allocation
management. (Actually, a lot of these 60,000 lines of "C" is
error recovery!)

The CIG has been used in production for three years with success
and a very high availability and reliability track record. As an
example, since one year, at one site, the CIG has been processing
an average on 100,000 RPCs per day.

Please try the following URL and give us your comments:

The source code is published as "free" under the terms of the GNU
Library Public License.

Jean-Francois Touchette