New DBOne2003 released

New DBOne2003 released

Post by DBOn » Tue, 01 Jul 2003 18:59:24

New version of DBOne2003 has been released.

DBOne is a tool for programmers and database administrators.

DBOne2003 professional works with
Sybase ASA/ASE, Oracle, MSSQL, DB2, Gupta,
Interbase/Firebird, SAPDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL

Program is developed continously.
At this moment the most complex modules are:
   * Object Manager
   * SQL Editor
   * SP Editor
   * Schema Export
We are going to release new modules soon.

Program is available on a shareware license.
30-day trial you can download from:

Program purchase is granted with significant discount
od free upgrades to the end of year 2004.

Please visit our site:



1. ANN: DBOne2003 released

DBOne is a shareware
Database Administration Tool
for Oracle, MSSQL, DB2, Sybase, SAPDB,
Interbase/Firebird, MySQL, MSAccess

DBOne is avaiable on to download from

Best Regards
DBOne Development Team

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