dbbackup and the -n Option Versus the -r -n Options

dbbackup and the -n Option Versus the -r -n Options

Post by Don Stallon » Thu, 10 Jul 2003 02:04:19

What's the difference between using the -n and the -r -n options?

When I use the following ASA 8 command at the command prompt

dbbackup.exe -c dsn=ABC;uid=MyID;pwd=MyPassword; -r BackupTest

the database backup (ABC.db; 11,108KB) and the
transaction log backup (named 030708aa.log; 192KB) are put in
C:\MyDocuments\ABC_db8.  Not too surprising since dsn ABC
says the database is in C:\MyDocuments\ABC_db8.  Actually I
thought it was supposed to it in C:\MyDocuments\ABC_db8\BackupTest,
but we'll come back to that in a moment.

The next time it's executed it puts the database backup
(ABC.db; 11,108KB) and the transaction log backup (named
030708ab.log; 192KB) in C:\MyDocuments\ABC_db8.

When I add the -n option thusly

dbbackup.exe -c dsn=ABC;uid=MyID;pwd=MyPassword; -n -r BackupTest

the same results happen. Is there supposed to be a different result or am
I misunderstanding the documentation?



1. dbbackup & the -x Option

I'm using the -x option in the dbbackup command & according to the way I
interpret the ASA8 documentation I would assume the new transaction log
would be smaller than the original transaction log.

It's not and I'm wondering why not.

Here's what the documentation says:
Delete and restart the transaction log (-x)     Back up the existing
transaction log, then delete the original log and __start a new transaction
log__. This option causes the backup to wait for a point when all
transactions from all connections are committed.

Here's the command I use:
dbbackup.exe -c dsn=MyDSN;uid=MyID;pwd=MyPWD; -x "c:\BackupTest"

The dsn points to a database in c:\Prime named MyDB.

The specs are:
c:\Prime\MyDB.db        11,000 KB
c:\Prime\MyDB.log        162 KB

After the backup c:\Prime\MyDB.db & c:\Prime\MyDB.log sizes are unchanged
which puzzles me whereas the specs in c:\BackupTest are:
c:\BackupTest\MyDB.db        11,000 KB
c:\BackupTest\MyDB.log        8 KB

I could really use a "leg-up" on this one.

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