Presenting -- TESTING COMPUTER SOFTWARE (TCS2001) Conference Summary

Presenting -- TESTING COMPUTER SOFTWARE (TCS2001) Conference Summary

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  18th International Conference on TESTING COMPUTER SOFTWARE (TCS2001)


               June 18-22, 2001; Washington, DC, USA

                         In cooperation with:
         Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) SIGSoft
        American Society for Quality (ASQ) Software Division
                      IEEE Reliability Society
             Software Technology Support Center (STSC)

    Conference management: U.S. Professional Development Institute

o Registration: For TCS2001 web registration go to:

o Complete TCS2001 program. The complete program is at:

o Workshops (2 days) and Tutorials (1 day). Experts provide comprehensive
technical sessions for software testing practitioners. For detailed
descriptions see:

     1. "MITs Test Management Method" by Marnie Hutcheson (Internet
         Development Associates)
     2. "Fundamentals of Testing Software-Intensive Systems" by Selim
         Aissi (Intel Corporation)

     3. "Overview of Testing" by Simon Mills (Ingenuity Unlimited)
     4. "Test Planning Workshop" by Ross Collard (Independent
     5. "The Automated Testing Lifecycle Methodology" by Elfriede Dustin
         (BNA Software)
     6. "Test Case Administration: Using XML to Exchange Test Case
         Information Between the Business and Test Domains" by Hans
         Hartmann (Generali Group)
     7. "Evolutionary Project Management: How to Get Early Delivery and
         Project" by Tom Gilb (Result Planning Ltd.)
     8. "More Reliable Software Faster and Cheaper" by John Musa
     9. "Software Verification and Validation: An Overview for
         Practitioners" by Steven R. Rakitin (Software Quality
     10. "Guided Inspections" by Melissa L. Russ (Korson-McGregor)

o Keynote Sessions. Testing experts cover major topics of general interest:
     "Real Time Priority and Risk Management for World Class Software
      Quality" by Tom Gilb (Result Planning Ltd.)
     "Is That Your Final Answer? Surviving Cross Examination in the
      Courtroom" by Warren S. Reid (WSR Consulting Group)
     "Efficient Testing with a Measure to Select Testing Strategies"
      by John Musa (Consultant)
     "Educators Join the Fray -- Tester Training for Undergraduates"
      by Edward L. Jones (Florida A&M University)
     "A World-Wide Web of Intrigue -- Deceptive Testing" by Simon Mills
      (Ingenuity Unlimited)
     "Wrap-up Session: Conference Reflections" by Marnie Hutcheson
      (Internet Development Associates)

o Parallel Presentation Tracks:  Thirty-two concurrent sessions will be
divided into four parallel track sessions, presenting an extensive variety
of management, automation, technology, technical and research topics and

o Vendor exhibit of products and services will provide valuable support
services and software information to your computer software testing

o Networking:
     Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions allow you to meet and network with the
     speakers and other conference attendees, and discuss areas of
     mutual interest.
     Lunch Discussion Groups will facilitate the exploration of common
     interest topics among the participants.

o For information:
     Regular Mail: USPDI, 612 Ethan Allen Avenue, Suite 100;
                   Takoma Park, D 20912-5400 (USA)
     Phone:        (+1) 301-270-1033
     Fax:          (+1) 301-270-1040

o Detailed printed brochure can be requested:
                   from USPDI (see above),
   or the Web at <>