Printer Init strings in SQR for Windows

Printer Init strings in SQR for Windows

Post by Bill Nix » Sun, 31 Jul 1994 03:39:49

To meet the requirements of one of our users we need to generate 3 up
labels that print on US Standard Fanfold 14 7/8 x 11 inch paper. We are
using SQR for MS-Windows v2.5 to generate these labels.

Easy SQR has an  initialization string parameter in the "EDIT PRINTER"
choice, under "FORMAT->LABELS". I have tried to send the control
characters to the EPSON FX-1050 in a variety of formats ( decimal in
angle brackets and ASCII ) via this initialization string. I also tried
to do this via the start up defaults file that you can supply to Easy
SQR. Has anyone ever got this to work  either in Easy SQR or SQR
Workbench? If so I would really appreciate it if you could mail me the
format you used.

I need to tell the printer to leave only a 0.4 inch top margin on each
page for which I want to use the control characters supplied in the
Epson manual via the initialization string or startup file. Does anyone
have any ideas on how else to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance


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