VB 4.0/5.0 RDO and Sybase SQL Server System 11/Intersolv ODBC 3.0

VB 4.0/5.0 RDO and Sybase SQL Server System 11/Intersolv ODBC 3.0

Post by Ko Lam N » Sat, 09 Aug 1997 04:00:00

I heard that System 11/ODBC 3.0 have not been adapted for use with
Microsft's VB 4.0 and 5.0's RDO data access method.  Can someone confirm
this?  Has anyone been able to successfully (error-free) use VB's RDO to
access a System 11 database with stored procedures?  We are experiencing
several problems with passing parameters to stored procedures.
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Dear All,

Does anyone use Sybase Server 11 ( with Intersolv's ODBC version
3.0 drivers.  I have this setup on Windows NT 4.0 Server (Service Pack 2)
and I get an error message saying that stored procedure Sp_SeRvEr_InFo not
found (note the case!!).  This error occurs with both MSQuery32 and Visual
Basic 5.0.  I have found this error only occurs when I specify the database
when connecting (if it is not specified, that is the default is used there
is no problem connecting even the default is the same as the one I was
specifying).  Another thing to note is this problem does not occur with the
Intersolv 2.12 drivers.  When I connect with WISQL or Intersolv 2.12
drivers I can quite happily execute the stored procedure sp_server_info
without any problem.

To summarise:
Sybase Server 11 ( and Intersolv ODBC Drivers 3.0 produce the
error Sp_SeRvEr_InFo not found when a database is specified when

Any help appreciated

Allan Taunt

Global Information Solutions
New Zealand

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