Sybase with RAID

Sybase with RAID

Post by Hiroaki Kataya » Tue, 26 Aug 1997 04:00:00

We are using Sybase 10 with three scsi disks and all partitions are less than
1GB.  I'm thinking to hook up RAID disk which capacity is 25GB.  Does someone
know how we can hook up this RAID?  I know the limit of Sybase 10 is ONLY 2GB
and Sybase 11.5 supports up to 32GB, but in Japan 11.5 will be shipped next
fall (not this year).  The OS is SUN Solaris 2.5.1.
Should I make smaller partitions for RAID, but I don't know how RAID controller
handles these small partitions and Sybase works because RAID controller
will save files onto several partitions, not onto one partition, as a small
chunk.  I'll appreciate any suggestions.  Thanks,

Hiro Katayama
Radiation Effects Research Foundation
Hiroshima, JAPAN 732


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I am interested in recommendations and/or horror stories in
implementing RAID storage for Sybase.  I am using 4.9.2 under AIX
3.2.5 and would like to know the issues I should be aware of, as well
as which products work (and which don't) under a similar scenario.  I
guess this is an alternative to mirroring devices, but I am not sure.


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