Sybase on NetWare NLM?

Sybase on NetWare NLM?

Post by brobe.. » Fri, 18 Mar 1994 22:38:02

Anyone running the NLM version of Sybase?  As we're considering running this
version in house, I'd love to hear any feedback on success (and/or failure) of
this server platform.  

Basic question: is it stable and reliable or not?  I often wonder about the
NetWare NLM platform from this perspective.



1. Migrate Sybase SQL server from Netware NLM 4.2.2 to Sybase 10 on Sun


I am working on a project to move the SQL server from the Netware
platform to the Sun Solaris platform.   I am also try to upgrade the
SQL server to version 10.  
Anyway, I want to do a fast benchmarking on the Sun platform.  Are
there any ways that I can load the database generated on the Netware
into Sun?  I don't think I can use the dump database and load database
commands since they don't work across the platforms.  Some people
suggest to use BCP.  Would it work?
Have anyone done the same project before?  I need to hear your

Thanks in advance.

Howard Yeung
UNIX System Engineer

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