ASA6: Optimize view of a view?????

ASA6: Optimize view of a view?????

Post by Klint Go » Fri, 11 May 2001 10:50:23

Anyone know how to get the ASA6 optimizer to use indexes on a view of a view?  
If I run the outer view's select statement from ISQL it comes back in a couple
of seconds.  If I select from the outer view, I havent seen it finish yet.



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1. optimize: view of views

I have packed the core calculation of a sum in an view.
To make different views i make the SELECT
on the first view instead of packing all together in one.
This helps me to change the core calculation (and they forced me to change a
lot in the past)
without reprogramming the second view.
I have not only two views, the second view is
used in a third and so on this enables me to change the hirachical ordering
(same reason). So I have alot of views of views and the query time
is about 10s. I think the reason is that each view is calculated over all
available data and the joins are calculated later.
The question is: Do i have to program all views from scratch without using
SELECT on views?
Is there a posibility to let a program optimize this for me (wich)?

Excuse my english

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