MS SQL Server 6.5 and NT Workstation 4.0

MS SQL Server 6.5 and NT Workstation 4.0

Post by Richard B. Roo » Wed, 29 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I am trying to install Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 on Windows NT Workstation
4.0.  The documentation, what little there is of it, clearly states that I
can install SQL Server on NT Workstation as long as the NT release is 4.0
or above.  I am not trying to install on a network.  My computer is, at the
present time, a stand alone.

At what is apparently the end, I get a message, "Setup is now starting SQL
Server and verifying its state."   A few seconds after I receive that
informational message I receive and error message "The SQL Server
installation could not be successfully completed . . . Setup could not
connect to the SQL Server."    This is a fatal error.  At that point there
are no choices or alternatives.  The Setup seems to erase all evidence that
it was ever there.  The install directory is not even left over.

I would appreciate any advice I can get.  


1. SQL 6.5 Workstation Installation Problem on NT 4.0 Workstation


NT Workstation 4.0     with no Service Pack applied.
SQL 6.5 Workstation   with no Service Pack applied.

MS loopback installed.
No network card.
Use dynamic IP via ras to ISP.


After installing SQL on the E: drive,
Enterprise Manager does not see the (local) server and
cannot connect to it.


I installed SQL on the C: drive instead of the E: drive.
It works just fine. How aggrevating!
Apparently, SQL Workstation  will only install properly
on the C: drive.
I will report bug to MS.

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