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>HELP! How do I access a Sybase server from an NT workstation?  Do I need a
>DB-LIB DLL - I used to use WDBNOVTC.DLL under Windows and Lan Workplace from
>Novell.  Is there a replacement DLL that uses NT TCPIP?  How do I obtain it?
>What should my SQL server section in WIN.INI look like?

Assuming you are using a 16 bit application, use WDBWSKTC.DLL in place of the
WDBNOVTC you were using. Simply add the [SQLSERVER] to your winnt win.ini 16
bit application support section.


Using of course a valid address and the appropriate port #


DeWitt Angevine


1. M/S dblib Vs. Sybase dblib

Hello folks!

I am in the envious (:-) position of having to support both Sybase's
System 10 and Microsoft's NT 4.21 from my desktop PC. For those of
you not familiar with the NT version, it comes with several nifty
tools to help administer the server.  They are roughly comparable
to Sybase's SAC -- but add a ton of functionality and a simple GUI
interface.  Now I know that these tools (with the exception of the
GUI ISQL/W) cannot administer a System 10 server.  

In order to support both types of servers I am running both netbuei
and TCP/IP.  I connect to the NT server via named pipes and the
dbnmp3.dll.  To connect to System 10, I use wdbwsktc.dll (v. 1.0.3)
from Sybase.  I have two choices of dblib's to use:  Microsoft (v. 4.21)
and Sybase (v. 4.2.5).

If I try to use Microsoft's dblib and the Sybase's winsock netlib,
I get a memory allocation error.  Sybase tech support confirms that
only their dblib will work with their netlib.

OK fine.  However, if I run with Sybase's dblib then I cannot use
Microsoft's tools because they have hardcoded into their tools a check
to make sure you are running with their version of dblib!  I can use
other client programs to connect to both Sybase System 10 and M/S NT
4.21 when I run with the Sybase dblib.

I have opened a ticket with Sybase and they said that engineering is
aware of this and is looking at a solution.  The work-around is for
me to power-down and re-configure my pc every time I need to switch
between the two dblibs.  My solution is to find a third-party
product (like Desktop-DBA) that will work with Sybase's dblib and
support both the NT and System 10 servers.

My question to those in net-land -- Has anyone else run into this --
and what are your solutions?



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