Sybase/SQL SERVER developers and/or DBA's are best paid in NYC

Sybase/SQL SERVER developers and/or DBA's are best paid in NYC

Post by LEGO » Sat, 30 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Top salaries and consulting rates. Confidential consideration. Immidiate
interviews. Wide range of positions in NYC and New Jersey. Exclusive
If you have 2+ years of Sybase/Sql Server experience - E-Mail for more

1. Desperately looking - SQL-SERVER/SYBASE developers/DBA - NYC

2 of my best clients, top investment banks in the world,  have several
We were retained by these financial institutions to hire 4 programmers, 2
Project Leaders and 2 Database Administrators. Must have 2+ years of
practical experience. Financial applications background is a +. Sybase
and/or Sql Server on UNIX, Windows-NT, C/C++/Powerbuilder skills are
                                 No sposorships. EOE.
E-Mail or call Len Golod 212-629-5720 x-228/ fax 629-3374
                            for confidential consideration
       (We will not submit your resume without your permision)
                                HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!

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