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We are running a lot of applications based on sybase in an operational
environment. But we have little knowledge of security standards and
availabe management tools for our database management. We use it on
a cluster of IBM RS6000 machines.
Could anyone give me information about security standards and available
management tools, or tell where I can find such information?
Please send information to my e_mail address:

Thanx very much.


1. Cell-level Security - Help help

I downloaded the White paper - Microsoft SQL Server OLAP Services Cell-level
security and went through the first VB example, Read Permission but it is
not working as expected.

First, I created an NT user id OLAP_READONLYUSER with no NT or OLAP
Administrative privileges.  I used this name instead of the TEST user ID
used in the example.  This ID is a member of the NT Group named USERs.  I
removed the ALL USERS role from the Foodmart database in OLAP Services.  In
fact, I removed all other user IDs and roles from the Foodmart database
except for the NO COST role.  OLAP_READONLYUSER is a member of the NO COST
role.  I executed the Read Permission VB program under the Administrator
account.  I then logged off and logged back in using the OLAP_READONLYUSER
account.  The account is able to view data for the Store Cost cell.  I have
reviewed the code, especially the dsorole.setpersmissions statement and it
is consistent with the example.

Another interesting note.  Although I removed another user id
OLAP_READWRITEUSER  from the OLAP Services (it is not a member of the NO
COST role either or the NT USERS group), that account is able to access the
Foodmart cube.

Any suggestions or directions is appreciated.

The OLAP Server and Clients are at SP2.

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