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*****Customer Intimacy and Information Technology****  The Yankee Group's
Client/Server Conference has been scheduled for October 25 - 27, 1995 at
the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco.

Customer Intimacy is easy to envision.  It's about enhancing the
customer's experience with your products or your company.  It's about
finding more ways to give the customer value.  It includes turning
problems into opportunity, inquiries into sales, and complaints into
gratitude.  It can mean treating customers different according to their
preferences and yours.  It can include "partnering" with customers as well
- even becoming part of some of their processes.

This Conference produced by the Client/Server Computing Research Program
will explore the potential for competitive advantage through customer
intimacy using best-of-breed case studies, vendor panels, and analyst

Mr. Howard Anderson, Managing Director of the Yankee Group, will give the
kickoff address entitled Customer Intimacy at 9:00 am on Thursday, October

Mr. Jon Ricker, VP & CIO of BellSouth Telecommunications will give the
keynote address on October 27, 1995.  In his speech:  Readying the
Distributed Computing Architecture, Mr. Ricker will examine the enabling
technologies that will provide the underlying foundation for the future
generation of distributed applications including middleware, directories,
messaging, replication, authentication, and security.

Other topics to be addressed include:  Managing Customer Relationships by
Andrew Frawley, President, Exchange Applications; Improving Internal
Processes to Service Customers Better, Cynthia Combs, Vice President,
Workstation Services, USAA; AT&T Network Notes:  Redefining Customer
Intimacy, Bob Flanagan, Director, Workgroup Strategies Research, the
Yankee Group; and Architecting for Change, John Mann, Director,
Client/Server Computing Research, the Yankee Group.

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