how to pass extra parameter to sybase err_handler

how to pass extra parameter to sybase err_handler

Post by Brian Montgome » Tue, 24 Nov 1992 23:21:25

I want to pass the name (SCCS version,module etc) as a string to the
err_handler in sybase , so that if I get any error during database
processing I would know which file generated the error.  
I would appreciate it if you email me your responses
Thanks in advance


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I am trying to define a DTS transformation with a Sybase
Stored Procedure as a source.  In the Source SQL section,  
I enter an exec statement with two parameters (dates) in
the form of:  Exec sp_GetRows '07-01-01','08-01-01'.  
When I hit the preview button,  I get back the rows as
expected but when I try to define the transformations,  it
shows no source columns that I can map to.
Even though the preview shows columns with names,  it will
not allow me to map the transformation source columns to
destination.  If I change the stored procedure to not have
passed parameters,  it works fine.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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