Question on Views/Outer Joins for SQL Gurus.....

Question on Views/Outer Joins for SQL Gurus.....

Post by RamMohan Madapati 896-449 » Tue, 26 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I am having a problem with generating sql statement(s) using
outer joins for views on a set of tables, the scenario is
described below:

        Cap Letter with underlining: Table Name
        -> (horizontal/vertical indiates relaion
        LHS of relation M:Nt means: m to n rows of table t
                can be related with:
        RHS of relation M:Nt means: m to n rows of table t
        0:N means null relation is possible

  U              T           E
-----          ------      -----

    1:1u->1:Mt       1:1t->0:Me




                  R            P           G
                -----        -----       -----

                    1:Mr->1:1p    1:Mp->1:1g

Apparently, the above situation is forcing me to use at least
two outer joins (since the data is needed even on null
relation), one between T->E and another between T->R.

The sql server is * on sql statement to join these
different tables in one or more levels of views.
The join is expected to select columns from all but table 'R'.

I would sincerely appreciate any suggestions/solutions.



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Hi here,
I have 2 tables: table_A (which is pretty large, millions of records),
and              table_B (about 40 records).
I've noticed the following (remember I use no index for this query):

This query:

is much quicker and more efficient than:

that yet looks simpler. Of course both queries give me the same result;
I checked Oracle's behaviour with the EXPLAIN PLAN statement:

and I found:

with the first query, and:

with the 2nd one (the latter is then obviously heavier, although the
code is lighter).

Could anyone please explain me WHY the first query is the best one ??

Thanks !


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