sybase server pegs cpu on sparc 20/solaris 2.4

sybase server pegs cpu on sparc 20/solaris 2.4

Post by Aditya Talw » Tue, 24 Oct 1995 04:00:00

After upgrading to Solaris 2.4, about 2 weeks back, we are seeing
that Sybase dataserver pegs the cpu to 90% even when nothing
much is going on. During the migration to solaris, as recommended
by Sybase, I have applied patches 101945-32 and 102020-07 (KAIO module
patch), along with whole lotta of other patches.
This is on single cpu sparc 20 machine. I am checking
this behaviour using proctool.

Has anybody else observed this? Is there other specific patches
required by solaris 2.4 + Sybase.

thanks in advance


1. Oracle7 Workgroup Server for SPARC Solaris 2.4/2.5

I just purchased 'Oracle7 Workgroup Server for SPARC Solaris
2.4/2.5'.  It's for my Sun Ultra Enterprise 1 (167Mhz) running Solaris 2.5.1.

It wouldn't install properly.  It didn't get my hostname right so the
web page links for the web server were wrong (it added an extra bit
of information to the hostname).  The initial database it created
automatically was missing the cntrlWG73.dbf file.  There were no man pages
for the commands.  There is no printed documentation yet (that's what
Orcale said).  The web page docs installed on the SPARC don't seem
complete (not too useful actually).  The Orcale web page doesn't seem to
contain much useful information.  The new SupportLink web page isn't up
yet (at least not for this product).  My support contract appears to be
a waste of money because the tech support people can't seem to offer any
help in getting it installed and working.  There are a couple of Windows
CD's that came with the product which comes in real useful on my SPARC ;-/
Did I mention I tried the Orcale RTTS(?) dialup service but didn't have the
special keyboard needed to enter the keystrokes it wanted, so that was a
waste of time.

I'm amazed.  I thought this was a well-supported, well-proven product, yet
it doesn't install right, little-to-no documentation, no support (yes, I paid
the billion $$$ for the support), and costs a lot.  Is an Orcale database
worth all this pain?  I'll get it working of course, but it seems that
after spending $2,000 it should have been a more pleasant experience...

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