Relational Divide work around?

Relational Divide work around?

Post by gregory adki » Fri, 04 Feb 1994 20:25:12

I need to perform a relational divide.  Since Sybase doesn't support
this and I don't have a stored procedure, could someone
offer me any help.


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I am using a stored procedure to provide data to an Active Server Page via
ADO.  Many of the fields in the SQL statement in the procedure are actually
calculations (ie PerTot = A/(A+B)).  The statement operates on about 1000
records at a time.  A record with A and B = 0 is valid.  Running the query
produces a 'Divide by zero' error, even though data is returned for the
cases where A+B > 0.  In fact I really don't care about records where A + B
= 0.  The procedure runs fine in the Query Tool with just a warning at the
bottom saying 'divide by zero occured'.

The problem is when the Active Server Page tries to open the recordset no
data is returned an I get an ODBC error Divide by zero.  I tried using 'On
Error Resume Next' to get around it but it didn't work.

Is there a way to ignore the error and access the remaining records that
worked from either the web server creating the ADO or from the SQL server?
Or do I have to go modify my calculations to look something like:

    PerTot = If (A+B > 0 Then A/(A+B) Else 0)

Thanks in advance.

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