Free Technical Tools for ASE 12

Free Technical Tools for ASE 12

Post by Thierry Antinolf » Wed, 24 Jan 2001 03:59:09

You may find at some technicals tools which work for ASE 12
under NT :

Log Explorer  : Transaction Log explorer
Page Viewer : Data Page, Index Page, GAM OAM Page viewer
Page Linker  : Data and index Page Linkage



1. ASE 11.5 vs ASE 12 : exclusive locks at page / table

We are in the process of upgrading from ASE 11.5 to ASE 12.0

In ASE 11.5,
Our developers use the following to get a table level exclusive lock :

  begin tran
  update T1 set C1 = xxx where 1 = 3

This grants a table level exclusive lock.

In ASE 12.0,
The same stuff grants a level exclusive lock on a page and a Exclusive
Intent lock on the table.
So, the developers are planning to start using the lock table command.

I do not know the exact details regarding their programming ... why
they are doing this,  what isolation level they need etc. etc.

But I am surprised at the behaviour of ASE 12.

I created a test table T1 with one column C1.
There were no indexes.
I inserted one row in the table with C1 = 1.
The table had Allpages locking scheme.
When I gave the following :

  begin tran
  update T1 set C1 = 2 where C1 = 1 /* this results in 1 row updated

I got a page level exclusive lock and a table level exclusive intent
The Performance and Tuning Manual says on page 26-8 (bottom of page) :

"If no index exists on any of the search arguments, Adaptive Server
must acquire a table-level lock."

Either the manual is incorrect or I am missing something.
Please help.

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