????SQL tutorial public domain/shareware available????

????SQL tutorial public domain/shareware available????

Post by Bob Carve » Tue, 18 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Can any one point me to the availability of a tutorial for SQL,
normalization, and related database topics.

Interactive software would be great but not a necessity.

Thanks in advance.

Please E-mail me if at all possible.

Bob Carver
near Dallas, Texas


1. Database Shareware / Freeware / Public Domain Prodcuts ????

We are preparing an electronic book,
which will contain a database system tutorial by
Prof. Dr. G. Schlageter. The tutorial will
be published on a CD with different shareware
respectively freeware products for DOS / WINDOWS.
If you are an author for database shareware/freeware/public domain
products and if you are interested to place your products on the CD,
please contact me with a description of your software.

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