Transactions in Sabase Anywhere from rdo

Transactions in Sabase Anywhere from rdo

Post by Sijo Josep » Thu, 02 Mar 2000 04:00:00

        I want to use nested transactions in Sybase anywhere using RDO.
Since RDO does not support nested transactions, we are using
rdoConnection.Execute to directly give the command for transactions( Begin
Trans, Commit trans, and Rollback). But this does not have any effect on the
changes made.
    We have recently moved from Enterprise version to Anywhere 6.0. It was
working fine in Enterprise version.

Thanks in advance.
Sijo Joseph


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select statement and get valid results, from vb, I am getting odd
results, such as a rdo rowcount of -3 and other negative numbers.

One of my selecte statements is "Select * from db.master where'S'.

From ISQL, I get 2 records.  From VB, I get rowcount -1.

Can anyone help, is there a trick to rdo and SQL Anywhere ??

Barry ALkis

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