Rep Server Question on How Definitions Work

Rep Server Question on How Definitions Work

Post by Steve Rose » Wed, 10 Sep 1997 04:00:00


<P>I am using the Sybase SKILS CD to how configure a replication
<BR>server.&nbsp; The model is a single one primary, one secondary
<BR>configuration.&nbsp; The routes, connection at primary and secondary,
<BR>and replication definition have been created on the primary.&nbsp;
<BR>am using Bulk Materialization

<P>Everything is working fine, but except I cannot tell how the
<BR>replication definition I created on the primary site
<BR>gets known at the secondard site.&nbsp; This doesn't seem
<BR>to be documented.&nbsp; I believe I have all routes and connections
<BR>in place.&nbsp; Does this get propagated from the primary, if so
<BR>when and how?

<P>Primary server: TEST1 and TEST1_RS (Primary RS)
<BR>Secondary server: TEST2 and TEST2_RS (Secondary RS)

<P>I get the following error at the secondard RS:

<P>define subscription testdb_titles_sub
<BR>for testdb_titles_def
<BR>with replicate at TEST2.testdb

<P>Server 'TEST2_RS'
<BR>testdb_titles_def doesn't exist


<BR>&nbsp;Philadelphia, PA


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