Speed, Speed, Speed, and a ramdisk too

Speed, Speed, Speed, and a ramdisk too

Post by Open Link Financi » Sun, 10 Jul 1994 07:16:55

For those who hide headers from being read, I posted
here a few days ago asking about some way to avoid
writing one table to disk.

I'd like to thank everybody who sent mail or posted
replies.  Unfortunately, the closest response to
what could help me only applies to Solaris 2.x
and I use SUN OS 4.1.3, other than putting the
item into the /tmp directory.

If anybody else knows of a solution, please post
or send mail.  THANKS!


Open Link Financial

PS - We're hiring Sybase programmers and techincal
documenters.  Email your resume if you're interested.


1. Speed, speed, speed, and Sybase disk limitations

   Our financial trading system application uses Sybase as its data
repository. In our database, we have one table that is basically a
non-temporary temporary results table that shares results between
processes, etc.

   This temporary table is VERY heavily used within our system, and
we'd like to optimize access to this one table.  We do not need any
recoverability on this table.  It holds what are basically temporary
results that won't last more than 5 minutes in any case.  If the
server crashes, we don't care about recovering the data in this table.

   It occurs to me that writing this data out to the database (i.e. the disk)
is not really desirable, and is in fact, a major slowdown.

   We can't just use a temporary table in tempdb because it is referred
to in many stored procedures and two different DBPROCESSes often desire
access to the same result set.

   Now, the question:  How do we create a Sybase device that exists
purely in memory?  Is there a MS-DOS like RAMDISK equivalent on a
Sparc 10?  What other methods could I use?

PS - Disk Emulation Systems has one method of taking care of this.
Two problems:  Expense (20,000 + USD) plus the fact that it isn't main

Thanks in advance,
Larry Diamond

Open Link Financial


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