dblib calls from embedded sql

dblib calls from embedded sql

Post by Dan_Manduti.. » Thu, 15 Dec 1994 07:16:03

Is it any documentation telling which are all the dblib calls issued by  
the code generated by the embedded SQL compiler? I will appreciate any  



1. embedded SQL:Problem during compilation in embedded sql(MSSQL) with VC++

Yo! Microsoft.

I got a problem with my embedded sql program.
My system is Microsoft NT4.0 (with S.P 4) so I compile my VC++ program with
nsqlprep compiler. but there comes this error message "c1010 : unexpected
end of file while looking for precompiled header  directive".

I think I may misuse some option or setting. please let me know how to
handle this bug. and if you can, would you mind sending me ESQL/C-related

Sorry for my poor English, and I'll be waiting for your answer.
thank for reading this message....

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