516 NY - DBA position available

516 NY - DBA position available

Post by fra.. » Sat, 16 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Our bank, located in Melville, Long Island NY, is seeking a Sybase
professional to join our client server team.  Current  team projects
include data warehousing, supporting and assisting client/server
developers, Database tuning and Sybase support.  The team is also
responsible for supporting  our corporate data model.

We're running Sybase System 10.02 on NCR Unix and OS/2 platforms, and
are planning to use Infopump and MDI Gateway in the next few months.
The bank is dedicated to client server technologies, so there are good
opportunities to work with new and emerging technologies.

Experience should include extensive Sybase administration on any
platform, BCP, ISQL, and Windows. UNIX administration would be a plus.
BS in computer science and/or financial or banking experience would
also be desirable. Experience working in client/server development is
also applicable. Good communication skills are essential.

The bank offers competitive salary and full benefits. This is a full
time position.

Please forward resume with salary history to:

Lorena Quirola - Personnel
Long Island Savings Bank
201 Old Country Road
Melville NY 11747