Loading reports into DB without using Data Workbench/Report Workbench

Loading reports into DB without using Data Workbench/Report Workbench

Post by Bernd Dulfe » Wed, 12 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Hi Nizam,

Quote:> My aim is to be able to automate the loading of reports via a script

of some kind, or make it batchable.

look for bcp in the platform specific manuals



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1. Data Workbench/Report Workbench Replacement

Hi everyone.  I need some serious help here.

Here's the situation:
- running Sybase 4.9.2 on VAX/VMS with DataWorkbench/ReportWorkbench
- as far as I know, DataWorkbench/ReportWorkbench is a dead product.
- we have 200+ report formats stored in ReportWorkbench, some using
stored procs, others using raw SQL.
- we are migrating to DEC/Alpha with either OpenVMS or UNIX
- hence I need to find a replacement for
DataWorkbench/ReportWorkbench-> a new reporting tool for large Sybase

Has anyone come across any tools which can import the report format
files that you can export out of ReportWorkbench?

Also, what good Sybase reporting tools have you all heard of?

Either post your messages here, or email me directly.  Thanx!

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