Problems with connecting to ASA 6.0 on Novell Server from NT workstation

Problems with connecting to ASA 6.0 on Novell Server from NT workstation

Post by K?re Olav Ber » Tue, 18 Apr 2000 04:00:00

Does anyone know what is wrong? I have no problem connecting with win95/98
and 2000 and I have tried to set frame type. I use ipx/spx protocol.
Getting error message, database engine not running.

K.O. Berg


1. problems with installation of SQL Workstation 6.0 on NT Workstation 4.0

I'm trying to install SQL Workstation 6.0 on
my home pc which is running NT Workstation 4.0
(dual booting with Windows 95). The set-up goes
smoothly untill the message "Trying to start
SQL Server...", then an error message returns
saying that it can not connect to SQL Server, and I
have to exit set-up program. I can start the MSSQL
services from control manager manually, but since the
installation is not complete, none of the utility
program (SQLEM, etc.) works. The network protocol is
named pipe (default).

Any suggestion is appreciated.  


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