DB Load/Unload

DB Load/Unload

Post by NIBM.. » Mon, 04 Oct 1993 01:13:05

Working on getting a solution in place for "high performance" database loading
and unloading for use in a test environment - need to be able to initiate and
reinitiate a database to a particular state for applications testing.

What is the most efficient means of performing these actions - we're experienci
ng unacceptable overhead for both operations.

One final question - what is sybase doing during database create?
When we create databases, sybase typically spins off for a few minutes -
horrible performance when compared with the other DB's we have installed.

Thanks in advance...
|           |   Regards,
|            :      Steve Malme
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1. unload to/load from a text file

newbie question: i hope this is the right forum

i'm using winsql to access a sqlserver database.  i want to move data from
one database to another.

select * from customers

is fine, but how can i amend it to unload the results to a text file?  (in
informix i'd prefix the select with "unload to c:\temp\customers.txt")

in fact, winsqlpro lets me do this with its "export", but doesn't seem to
have an equivalent import functions.

i've scanned dejanews etc, and there seem to be functions like dts (what is
this?).  but these aren't sql statements, and that's what i need with


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