Sybase DBA- Leading Biotech Company

Sybase DBA- Leading Biotech Company

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The world's largest and most successful biotechnology company, located in
Southern California, has an excellent opportunity for a very talented Senior
Systems Analyst/Programmer with a very strong Sybase background to serve in a
very crucial, full-time role in the development and administration of systems
and networks.  Responsibilities encompass design, coding, unit and integration
testing, user acceptance, implementation and documentation as well as
performing application problem solving, ongoing evaluation and management of
database structure, integrity and design.  Other responsibilities include
maintaining accurate and current data for Human Resource databases;
establish/maintain security and integrity controls for systems and databases;
plan, coordinate and implement general upgrades and migration; fine tune
databases, identifying areas within applications for performance improvement
and troubleshooting.

The ideal candidate will have 5+ years experience in programming (SQL, C, UNIX
scripting (Visual Basic,GUI, 4D, Powerbuilder, X-Windows, etc.)) and
development of relational databases.  In particular, a strong Sybase and/or
Oracle background is required.  Experience in the support and development of
client/server based applications.  Experience in system administration in UNIX,
Windows NT, Mac/PC environment.  Familiarity with networking protocol (TCP/IP,
IPX, etc.)  Ability to design, implement, maintain and troubleshoot databases
and applications.  BA/BS in Computer Science, Math or equivalent.

Salary: 60-90K Base, bonus, stock

For more details, please contact:

Alan Cullen
The Agency
(818) 906-7000



The world's number one biotechnology company has an excellent opportunity for a
very talented senior systems analyst to serve in a very crucial role overseeing
the administration and development of Sybase and other scientific database
systems.  The candidate of choice will analyze, design and implement new
relational client-server databases as well as customize and install commercial
scientific databases to support Research Scientists.  Other responsibilities
will involve maintenance of existing databases in laboratories in support of
the Biosystems Analysis group;  model and maintain the logical and physical
design of scientific databases;  implement the design in a relational system
including rules, triggers, stored procedures;  Design and code gateways
utilities for various database management systems such as 4D, Oracle and

Requirements:  B.S. in Life Sciences or Computer Science.  10 years computing
experience with 4+ years in database administration, 2+ years with Sybase and
Oracle.  SQL, Unix and C programming experience preferred.  Familiar with GUI
tools such as Developer 2000, Visual Basic, Powerbuilder and/or 4D.

For more details, please contact:

Alan Cullen
The Agency
(818) 906-7000

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