System 10 Experiences

System 10 Experiences

Post by Thomas Peter Buzait » Tue, 23 Nov 1993 10:09:54

I believe that System 10 has been out for several months on some platforms.
I know that several people have asked about System 10 but I do not recall
any answers beyond what the new features are.

Does anybody have any experiences (good or bad) that they would like to
share about System 10?

In particular I am interested in knowing about:

  - Do the new features (killing sleeping processes, referential integrity,
    etc.) live up to the pre-release promises?
  - Was it difficult to migrate (programs, data, stored procedures, etc.)
    from Sybase 4.x?
  - Did you have any problems with your third party vendor tools working
    with System 10?
  - Have you encountered any problems with the System 10 software?
    If yes, were they easily resolved?
  - Are there any tips or traps to be aware of that are not clearly
    documented in the System 10 manuals?
  - Is anybody already using System 10 in a Production environment?
    If yes, what platform are you on?

At NML we currently have Sybase 4.9.2 on a HP9000 running HP-UX 9.0 and we
just received, but have not unloaded, the tape for System 10. So, my
interest is based on the road that lies ahead for us.

Thanks in advance for any responses.


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