AIX and Sybase, process priority etc

AIX and Sybase, process priority etc

Post by icar » Sat, 12 Feb 1994 09:47:32

        On AIX, processes are dynamically allocated priorities
        depending on their consumption of resources.
        I find that the dataserver processes at the site I am
        working at have priority numbers much higher than user processes
        such as vi and ksh. While this may be desirable to some degree
        because interactive sessions need to run fast, I see that sometimes
        the dataserver processes have priority numbers almost twice as high
        as the user processes. Since sybase performance is critical at the
        site, we may even be willing to lose some response speed of interactive
        sessions in a trade-off by setting the priority of the dataserver
        process to a low fixed value in AIX (which means it will get a higher
        preference.) When this was suggested the first question that came up
        was: If it was so simple, why wouldnt have Sybase done it in a
        start script for AIX ?

        Does anyone know why the dataserver process is not set to a fixed
        low priority number ?  Does anyone know how it would affect the
        performance of the server ?

        Any information in this regard will be useful.


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Infogate AG
Benno Breit

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