Max database size ...

Max database size ...

Post by Paul Tom » Fri, 12 Dec 1997 04:00:00


>I am told that the maximum size of a SQL anywhere database is 2 GB. Is
>this true. I wanted to confirm this somebody who might know for sure. So
>if I need to have a database which could be larger then what do I need to
>do? Do I need to Sybase or Oracle? Do these database also have a max

>news group.


From what I understand, SQL Anywhere 5.0 does not limit you to 2GB databases.
However, Windows 95 (up to the 3rd release) will not support more than a 2GB
partition. Since a SQL ANywhere database is basically a big file, then you
can't create > 2 GB files. I understand that release 3 of 95 gets over this
limitation, as does NT 4.0 .


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Max database size ...

Post by VoKy7 » Sat, 20 Dec 1997 04:00:00

If you want to have a database size biger than 2GB, you can go for Sybase for
NT or Unix (you can have up to at least 8 TB database

SQL Anywhere is more like a desktop database. Here's the SQL Anywhere

  Database size

                    2 GB per file, 12 files per database *
  Number of tables per database

  Number of tables referenced per transaction

                    No limit
  Table size

                    2 GB--must be in one file *
  Number of columns per table

                    999 (using 4K pages)
  Number of rows per table

                    Limited by table size
  Row size

                    Limited by table size
  Number of rows per database

                    Limited by file size
  Field size

                    2 GB
  Number of indexes

                    32,767 per table
  Maximum index entry size

                    No limit


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