Netlibs for TCP/IP

Netlibs for TCP/IP

Post by Ellen Filic » Wed, 11 Jan 1995 07:05:26

There are several netlibs for using sockets with various flavors
of TCP/IP that arrive with the system 10 software.  Since we
have clients running Microsoft TCP/IP and some running NetManage's
Chameleon, I am hoping to standardize on one "Sockets" netlib.

WDBWSKTC.DLL is the Windows Sockets Netlib.  I've tried it with
Chameleon and it seems to work.  Does anyone have any experience
using this dll with M/S TCP or Chameleon and are there any issues
here that I should be aware of?

Our server environment is System 10 on NT, MS SQL Server (4.2.b) on
OS/2 and some 4.9 Sybase runing on Unix.

Ellen Filicko
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