DOS Printer re-direct

DOS Printer re-direct

Post by MicroDo » Wed, 24 Nov 1999 04:00:00

I'm not quite sure if this can be done or not but here goes.
I have an DOS application running in a Win98SE dos window, shared among 4
systems.  On 2 of the systems I need to redirect a programmed assigned LPT
port (on one machine LPT2 on the other LPT3) to print to the local LPT1 port
(am I making myself clear?) clarify....when the program tells a print
job on one of these 2 machines to print to the phantom LPT port, I need it
to redirect to the LPT1 port.
Any ideas?
By the way, this is a system that was once running under POWERLAN which did
all the redirecting for it.
MODE does not do I hope there is something else I can do?
Please email any response as well as posting here for everyone to see.

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