Dangerously low resources / shutdown failure

Dangerously low resources / shutdown failure

Post by A.G.. » Fri, 07 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Yesterday evening, my son Daniel (15) got a Windows 98 warning
message saying that the PC was "dangerously low on resources"
and asking if he wished to terminate his application.

He was using Windows Explorer to view his Temporary Internet Folder.

After attempting to terminate Windows Explorer, the machine appeared
to hang.  The "Start" button that brings up the Start Menu turned a
dark ominous shade of grey, and we could not shut down the computer.
We tried using "Start"->"ShutDown".  We tried using Task Manager and
choosing ShutDown.

It seemed to be trying to tell us that ShutDown was not responding.
In the end, we had to press the Reset button on the computer.
The computer automatically did a scandisk when the machine restarted,
and my son logged in again.  Again, he had problems when he logged
out, but eventually we managed to shut down without having to press
the Reset button again.  The next time my son logged in, he was able
to log out without any problems.

But I am worried that problems may recur.  Can anyone shed any light on
what might have caused the PC to behave in this way?

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