Help please graphic areas not showing online

Help please graphic areas not showing online

Post by Eric Leg » Mon, 23 Dec 2002 20:40:21

>Subject: Help please graphic areas not showing online

>Date: 21/12/02 21:44 Pacific Standard Time

>Have a problem where even after a re boot and emptying internet cache,
>some graphic files (.jpg , .gif) are not showing up on web pages. when
>a page is refreshed some files appear and some disappear.
>Can anyone help please?

Does this apply to you?

MS Knowledge Base article 309287  You Cannot View Some Images on Web Pages
After You Upgrade to Internet Explorer 6.0

Look it up here -


PC Buyer Beware!  


1. Help me please, I can not sleep, Please, please, please

Hello All,
I am facing a big problem, I recently bought an used
Compaq computer(Pentium iii) with the Windows 2000
Professional.  I don't have the log in password for the
window, the guy is gone with money,  and I am left with an
useless computer.

I even tried resetting CMOS, did not help.
I even tried removing the intarnal battery,  did not help.

I have already checked so many postings on this site, none
of them is helping me anything. I even downloaded the
bootable file from It
came in a Zip file, so I downloaded in my other computer,
and when I tried to extract it to a 1.44MB diskette, this
stupid thing won't fit. I even tried compressing my
disekette, now it has 2.0 +MB, and it still won't fit. It
gives me an error of disk full.

Then I tried the other site, and
downloaded the bootdisk.bin  file. Thank god this one fit
in my 1.44 MB floppy, but when I tried to boot it in my
new computer, it does not work, gives me non system disk
error. Now what? I tried changing the name of this file  
with the extension of .exe........but no luck. Still won't

Now my request to this community is, please I wanna hear
from someone who had "LOST Password" problem, and got it
resolved later on.

How did you resolve your problem?
Please answere me only if you know the problem and know
the answer.

Because I am sure, your detail help will help, not only me
but thousand of others who are staring at theit compute
helplessly, like a little kid who is staring at a candy in
a glass case.

If a Computer Science Graduate like me having this kind of
problem, I don't know what to imagine for those who knows
nothin about computer.  
Help me please, I can neither sleep nor eat.    


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