Problems with no icons showing. Windows explorer failure

Problems with no icons showing. Windows explorer failure

Post by Mike » Mon, 26 Aug 2002 14:30:03

We are having problems with our explorer loading on boot
up.  No Icons and task bar shows.  We just loaded and
checked for viruses with Norton.  No problems.  When we
boot it goes to our desktop page but then says Explorer
performed an illegal operation and if problem persists,
contact program vendor.  Any suggestions? :)  Thanks in
advance for your help.  Also, does anyone know how to run
WinDoctor from Norton from the CD drive?



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In windows explorer, icons for graphic files like JPG or any other known types,
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Is there an option or setting somewhere that I've mistakenly turned off?? Being
able to view all the images at once saves so much time!

Any help appreciated


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