Pop-Ups problems with Windows 98

Pop-Ups problems with Windows 98

Post by sand » Mon, 23 Jun 2003 13:26:01

I'm having trouble using my scan disk and other
maintenance tools because pop-ups keep shutting them off.  
Any suggestions?

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I admit it: I've visited adult sites. And now, every time I'm browsing
the web, I get forwarded to adult sites when I encounter certain
keywords. For example, would happen if I were to I go to CNN and click
on "Israel to investigate Palestinian teen's death" because there's a
word "teen" in the page.

This is terrible and caused me great embarrassment at work during a
presentation. (Am I hearing you laughing?)

Number 1: How do I end this?
Number 2: What technology is being used? Doesn't look like javascript!
Where's that Trojan horse sitting?

Help me!


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