window 98 explorer quick view

window 98 explorer quick view

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in windows explor if u click on a picture file u can get a quick view to
the left (if u have the view as web page on) under the info of the file
and now all of the suddon i dont have the view for my .JPG files but i
have it for my .BMP files. How can i get the quick view back so i can just
click once and have the view in the left of what picture it is so i can go
on living a happy and unfrusterated life.  Thank you

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1. Quick View feature not working in Windows Explorer (Win 98 SE)

Hi group:

When I use Windows Explorer (Win 98 SE), I ususally use the Details
view with "as Web Page" disabled.

In the past I seem to recall that with "as Web Page" enabled, when I
moved my mouse over a .jpg file, the file image would appear on the
screen in Windows Explorer as a thumbnail.

Now, this feature has stopped working for some unknown reason.

I have read some postings under this Newsgroup about this subject and
done the following:

1. I uninstalled Quick View and reinstalled it from my Win 98 SE CD
Rom; and

2. I have put a short-cut to the Windows\SendTo folder to the program,

3. On the Folder Properties for the folder containing some .jpg files,
I clicked "Enable Thumbnail View."

Now even though the thumnail doesn't appear in Windows Explorer, I can
right click the .jpg file and select Send To the Quick View program.

I get an intermediate message that says,

"There are no viewers registered for this type of file.  Would you
like to try the default viewers.  Yes or No."

I click "Yes" and the Quick View viewer opens up with a view of the
selected .jpg file.

My questions are:

1. Why doesn't Quick View produce a thumbnail when I highlight the
file in Windows Explorer with "as Web Page" enabled?

2. Does the "Enable Thumbnail View" option on Folder Properties have
anything to do with the Quick View program?

3. How do I "register" .jpg files with the Quick View program so that
I don't get the intermediate message shown above.

I look forward to your comments on this problem.

Al Gershen
Grants Pass, OR

(Submitted thru on 4/12/03 at apx. 1:34 pm pdt)

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