Change of hard drive changes TP icons ?

Change of hard drive changes TP icons ?

Post by Chris » Thu, 24 Apr 2003 23:37:23

I still have a persistent problem with mixed-up icons in Windows but
particularly Turnpike software which makes it hard to use. I've tried
all the common suggestions namely:

*Delete ShelliconCache and reboot

*Start in Safe mode and shut down (this changes the icon mix up but does
not solve it)

* Enlarge icon cache via C:\MaxIcons.REG

It's all happened since a hard drive change over and any other
suggestions are welcome.

Chris L.

>>>I migrated over to a new hard drive a few weeks back and kept the old
>>>one as spare on the same Win 98SE computer. I've just removed that
>>>old drive and surprisingly, Turnpike 6.02 now shows unusual icons in
>>>the left pane. For example an open folder is now shown by a WS FTP
>>>symbol. Any ideas how to easily rectify this ?

>>I can't explain why your icons have changed but can point to a way of
>>changing them... right click on the affected folder and use the
>>'change icon' button at the bottom of the front page there... with
>>luck you will find the default icon tick box empty and can use this to
>>restore the usual icon for that folder type. Alternatively you can
>>pick something else.

>>I don't know of a way fix your icons globally so you will probably
>>have make this change manually for all your folders. :-/

>When icons get muxed ip, deleting the Windows file ShellIconCache is
>often beneficial.

>The file is rebuilt, and any oddities or swapovers that existed before
>should get straightened out.

>As I recall, upgrading TP5 to TP6 would often result in the old Connect
>icon persisting, despite it being manifest that the new Connect.exe
>only contained the new * ones. And indeed you couldn't find the old
>icon on the machine at all, except in ShellIconCache, which was of the
>view that 'this is the icon for Connect.exe, and the program is
>Connect.exe, so what's your problem'?

Chris L.

Change of hard drive changes TP icons ?

Post by Wim » Fri, 25 Apr 2003 01:46:11

Quote:>It's all happened since a hard drive change over and any other
>suggestions are welcome.

Windows Explorer / View / Folder Options / File Types ?
Mind you, *not* in TPE, as the File Types tab is not there.

I could only find a couple of Turnpike icons, but not the one TP is
using for newsgroups (a folder with a newspaper in front of it).

Perhaps a Turnpike property hidden in one of its .dlls?