help with slow mousing and missing icons!

help with slow mousing and missing icons!

Post by Julie Crista » Fri, 31 Mar 2000 04:00:00


I currently have two problems in Win98.

One is very slow mouse-ing when right clicking - say, to rename or delete a
file.  I especially notice this when attempting to create a "new > folder"
with the mouse right-click.  Clicking on new, it takes several seconds for
the submenu to appear.  As added 'right-click-menu' features, I have winzip,
winrar and 'erase' added to the regular microsoft features.  Could
memory-resident TSR programs (cleansweep, norton, firewall) add to slowing
down these functions?  ( I use a pentium-166 with 64 m ram).

The other problem which seems to happen every couple of months - Is suddenly
a popular file-type - currently ".wav" soundfiles - will lose the icon
associated with the file, as well as the ability to open the file with the
associated application.  This has also recently happened to "text" files
which I had associated to notepad.  In all cases, the icons are replaced by
the white square icon with the tiny window in the center.

Any advice on these issues would be appreciated!

thank you...

Julie Cristal


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