How stop w98 using homedir for profiles

How stop w98 using homedir for profiles

Post by Henrik Eriksso » Fri, 28 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Need to config W98 to store userprofile on C:. By defalt W98 stores on
%homedir% if there is a NT network runing.

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On my network something strange happens (rarely occurs).

When a user tries to enter his homedir the mapping goes to
the root folder where all homedirs are, instead of going
to his own folder.

I checked all users accouns who have this problem. All
accounts have the correct mapping to the homedir.

I have to say that we are in a true terminal server
environment with thinclients and all OS's are windows 2000
(sp3). I have made no changes and the problem popped up

I dont have any clue why this happens. Anyone seen this
before ? Maybe there is a fix for this from MS ?

I'm very sorry for my bad english, I hope it is clear

Help is appreciated, so tnx in advance.

Kind regards,


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