"Cannot find file" error msg when I click on *.htm file

"Cannot find file" error msg when I click on *.htm file

Post by Alan Edward » Sun, 17 Nov 2002 04:56:57

The association may be intact but can still be poorly quoted, which is
what your error indicates to me.

Please post the details of what you see in File Types for the
"Application used..." (copy and paste to a separate line so there can
be no typing errors)
Give details of other entries if "Use DDE" is checked.

Alan Edwards, MS MVP W95/98 Systems

In microsoft.public.win98.gen_discussion, "Dave Maier"

>Whenever I click on a file with the htm or html extension,
>Windows returns the error message: "Cannot find the file
>[path\*.htm] or one of its components. Make sure the path
>and filename are correct and that all required libraries
>are available."  I have checked the file association (to
>Netscape 6.2) and it appears to be intact.

>Any help would be appreciated

>Dave Maier


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