What's WRONG with Win98 for my floppy driver

What's WRONG with Win98 for my floppy driver

Post by Pete » Mon, 22 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I need great help from your experts.

I have a serious problem with the installation of Windows 98: After the
new Windows has been installed, the laptop computer can't recognize any
floppy disk, it instead damages all floppy disks in the drive A:.

I must add that the computer's A: drive itself has no problem because if
other operating systems are installed, including WinNT, Window95, and
even Windows98 setup (I could create an emergency disk during setup).
But as soon as Windows98 is installed, it starts damaging floppy disks.

Can anybody help? Thanks a lot.



1. What's wrong with my floppy disk?

I had win98 and i upgrade to win2000 pro but i lost my floppy disk.
When i insert a full disk, the floppy changes all the names of the files in
this disk and i can't read or open any files.
I tried to reinstall my win2k, the driver and no responses.
Other thing, when i tried to format a full disk, i can't.
So please help me.
Thanks and happy new year.
Machine: laptop nec PII 233, 128 mo.

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