Breifcase & Direct Cable Connection

Breifcase & Direct Cable Connection

Post by Steve Ainswort » Thu, 14 Oct 1999 04:00:00

I am trying to work on a Money 99 File from briefcase on my lap top -
However whenever I try to update the main file on my desktop (using DCC) I
get the warning "Some of the files were read-only.  They were not updated".
I have checked the properties on both files (Lap Top and Desk Top) to make
sure that neither have the read only box checked - which they don't, but I
still get the same message.  Can anyone help?

PS I also use ActiveSynch 3 to update my h/pc using Outlook 2000.


1. scanner cable = direct cable connection cable???

I have a new 25 pin scanner cable (25 pins that fits into the parallel port
on the back of the computer) that is the same on both ends.  It has the two
screws to tighten it down on both ends, just like the computer end of a
printer cable.  Is it possible that this is the same cable that you can use
for the direct cable connection to plug into my laptop and desktop computer
parallel ports and exchange files?  TIA for your input.  MH

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