Install Success- Oracle 8i (SE R2) on Windows 2000

Install Success- Oracle 8i (SE R2) on Windows 2000

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I'm so happy!

I installed Oracle 8i (Standard Edition Release 2
8.1.6) on my Windows 2000 laptop, after having
alot of the usual installation problems. I will
review what I did which should help others.

The Oracle installation has two parts: the file
copy part and the creation of a database (a
wizard configures Net8 and creates the first
database). The first part took 45 mins and the
second part took 2 1/2/ hours. As the install
wizard says, yes this could take some time. My
problem was that the install (both Typical and
Compact) both crapped out near the end of file
copy stage. The log ended at the following entry
(on page 680 of the install log!): Starting
install install phase 2 of component Oracle
Protocol Support

Additionally there were other errors such as file
move errors and Java exceptions which led me to
suspect that the JRE wasn't being found. For
example, this is what we call a clue:

Exception thrown from action: moveFile
Exception Name: FileNotFoundException
Exception String: File not found

(Install wizard can't find the JRE there and
doesn't know where else it may be.) The rest of
the log was filled with exceptions and file not
found errors.

In order to correct this problem, I removed all
references to other JRE's and JVMs from the PATH
environment variable except for the JRE 1.1.7
which came with the Oracle install CD. I made
sure that the registry only had the 1.1.7 JRE
Runtime Environment/1.1. (I don't know if the
registry step was correct, but that's what I
did.) Also I noted that the install program did
not modify the CLASSPATH variable so I fixed that
with the following:

CLASSPATH = C:\Program Files\Oracle\jre\1.1.7
PATH =C:\other paths;C:\Program

Also you need to give your machine a DNS style
domain name as described in the release document.
I simply used the one in the example.

Windows 2000 Users- DNS Domain Name
If a Windows 2000 computer is not identified with
a DNS domain name, you will receive the following
error message: (Yes I had that error as well.)

Query Exception: GetValueKeyNotFoundException
Query Exception Class: class

Perform the following steps:
Go to Control Panel > System > Network
Identification > More > Primary DNS.
Enter a domain name, for example, US.ORACLE.COM.

Perhaps only the CUSTOM install works for Win2K?
!!! I actually only had success with the CUSTOM
install option. Because the release notes say
that Oracle Enterprise Manager is not supported
on Windows 2000, I used the CUSTOM option to
deselect Enterprise Manager.

Well the wizard ran fine and configured Net8 and
set up a new database for me. At the end of the
process, a window appears telling you that the
installation succeeded. If the wizard just stops
running and closes, something went wrong.

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