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Please download my resume (in Word, HTML or Text) from my web site:

JIVAN SILVA                    (416) 937-3282     


* Ten years experience in designing solutions for large high technology corporations.
* Proficiency in database development, system analysis and Oracle Applications.
* Solid foundation and education with increasing training and specialization.
* Quick to learn with the ability to work in a team environment as well as independently.
* Canadian and Brazilian citizenships with United States TN-1 work visa eligibility.
* Good people skills coupled with strong sense of ethical behavior and commitment.


Feb. 2001 - Apr.  2001 Accenture - formerly Andersen Consulting @ BELL South Atlanta - GA

* Technical Architect Coordinator (manager level) for Phase 1 of project BEST -  Bell South Supply
  Chain Transformation, using Oracle Financials Release 11i (11.5), Oracle 8.1.6i under Sun Solaris 2.8.
* Phase 1 activities included the complete functional and technical implementation of Oracle e-Catalog,
  Oracle i-Procurement, Purchasing 11i, General Ledger 11i, Oracle Alerts 11i and Oracle Workflow 11i.
* Responsible for the deliverables of the RICE team (Reports, Interfaces, Conversions and Extensions).
* Daily tasks included attending meetings with other team managers, review and approval of technical
  design documents and technical mentoring of team members on Oracle tools and applications products.
* Worked as a technical resource / system administrator on as per needed basis for dev & tst environments,
  developing, debugging and modifying PL/SQL programs, Unix shell scripts and Forms 6.0.8/XML/JSP.
* The environment also included non-Oracle utilities - Kintana (environment migration and cloning tool),
  Orbix (CORBA), Direct Connect, Harvest (version control), AppsWorx (Concurrent Manager substitute).

July 2000 - Dec.  2000 Computer Science Corp (CSC) @ ENRON Energy Services Columbus - OH

* Supported all the production environments on a daily basis by responding to emergency requests.
* Developed new reports and optimized existing ones with the use of database triggers and Unix scripts.
* Assisted Enron in its continuing market expansion by adapting the financial core modules: GL, AR and
  AP reports and interfaces to comply with the new local market regulations and billing requirements.
* Contributed to the development team as the system administrator for the Devel and Test environments.
* Enron Energy Services was selected by Forbes magazine in its Oct 2000 issue as one of the 25 most
  admired corporations worldwide. It was also considered "the most innovative".
* CSC has Oracle Financials 10.7 and multiple Oracle 7.3.4 remote instances running on SunOS 5.6.

Jan. 2000 - May  2000 IKON Office Solutions     Philadelphia - PA

* Developed a bridge from the SBT/AP Legacy system to the Oracle FA Mass Additions open interface.
* Created an interface from Oracle GL to SBT/GL transferring all posted SBT journal entries produced
  by the FA Mass Additions upload. A chart of accounts mapping  was developed to support this process.
* Developed a sub-system that extracts AP journal entries from Oracle GL into OMD/GL legacy system.
* A substantial part of the work consisted in programming with packages, database triggers, Unix scripts,
  PL/SQL, automated FTPs, extensive system administration, end user support, creation and maintenance
  of Forms 4.5 and Reports 2.5 using Developer 2000 and Application Object Library 11 resources.
* Ikon has Oracle Financials 11 and several Oracle 8 distributed databases running on AIX 4/RISC 6000.    (416) YES-DATA         Page 2

July 1999 - Dec. 1999 IBM Canada @ The Canadian Wheat Board   Winnipeg - MB

* Provided day to day technical and functional support to the world's single largest exporter of wheat and
  barley - CWB. Among the modules supported were GL, AR, AP, PO, FA, OE, INV, AOL, ALR and HR
  of its Oracle Financials / Distributions 10.7 SC and Oracle 7.3.4 running on IBM's AIX 4 / RISC 6000.
* Worked as the Apps System Administrator for the production, accept, test and development environments.
* System Administration tasks included routine purge of old concurrent report requests, monitoring system
  resources and concurrent processes, installation and support of user as well as developer related products,
  administration and security control of 300 users and migration to new releases - Oracle 8i / Financials 11i.
* Support Analyst tasks included the management of the complete TAR life cycle, troubleshooting end user
  problems, management of a comprehensive repository with CWB's problems and solutions, development
  and delivery of training for key users and the creation of policies for maintenance on all environments.
* Database Administration tasks included scheduling and managing client and server patch installations using
  Otto and Autopatch utilities and regular patch compliance check with Y2K white papers. Optimization of
  processes, Korn shell scripts writing and Unix and Oracle production environment backup rescheduling.

Apr. 1999 - Apr. 1999 LAFARGE       Montreal - PQ

* Provided consultancy on the development, customization and system administration of 32 GL, AP and AR
  reports using Reports 2.5 and PL/SQL for Oracle Financials 10.7 NCA under Oracle 7.3 / DIGITAL UNIX.

Jan. 1999 - Mar. 1999 CSC @ United States Coast Guard Finance Center  Chesapeake - VA

* Participated in the implementation of the Accounts Receivables module of Oracle Financials 10.7 SC
  using Reports 2.5, PL/SQL and database triggers under Oracle 7.3 and HP 9000 / HP-UX 10 / WNT4.
* Tasks included the customization and trouble shooting of  the dunning letters, 3 invoice reports, the
  import of customers from an Access database and the System Administration for the test instance.
* Assisted the conversion and testing of USCG's legacy systems and helped users with technical support.

Aug. 1998 - Sep. 1998   Cancom - Canadian Satellite Communications  Toronto - ON

* Developed several new reports and customized existent ones for the Accounts Receivable module of
  Oracle Financials and Manufacturing 10.7 SC using Reports 2.5, Oracle 7.3.4 and HP-9000 /HP-UX 10.
* Optimization of 2, 3 and 4 hours reports into 10 minutes reports and the development of large PL/SQL
  procedures were an important part of this work.

Apr. 1998 - June 1998   CANAC - A Kohler Company     Toronto - ON

* Completed independently all the setup of the Purchasing module and the expense items part of the
  Inventory of Oracle Financials / Manufacturing 10.7 SC under Oracle 7.3.3 and RISC 6000 / AIX 3.2.
* Tasks include functional and technical analysis, testing, system admin, documentation and user training.

Nov. 1997 - Feb. 1998   DOFASCO         Hamilton - ON

* Assisted the pre-production phase of the General Ledger, Accounts Receivable and Payable modules of
  Oracle Financials 10.6 / 10.7 and Purchase Order, Inventory, Order Entry and EDI interface modules of
  Oracle Manufacturing 10.6. Worked also as the Apps System Administrator in the testing environment.
* Tasks included end users support, installation of Oracle products, Reports 2.0 customizations, TARs
  management and PL/SQL 2.3 scripts development under Oracle 7.1.6 and HP 9000 / HP-UX 10.    (416) YES-DATA         Page 3

June 1997 - Oct. 1997   ESCO Corporation       Vancouver - BC

* Completed the conversion of the Bills of Material and Inventory modules of Oracle Manufacturing and
  Accounts Receivable (including some setup) of the Oracle Financials 10.7 Smart Client Multi-Org.
* Wrote a set of  scripts in PL/SQL 2.3, sql*loader, database triggers and packages for the 500 gigabytes
  Oracle 7.3.3 instances under Digital Alpha 8400 server /64-bit DIGITAL UNIX 5.6, WNT4 and W95.
* ESCO's project was considered by Oracle Corporation the third-largest implementation of Oracle
  Applications in the world and successfully proceeded faster than any other comparable site until that date.

Nov. 1996 - May 1997   ALIAS | WAVEFRONT - A Silicon Graphics Company   Toronto - ON

* Wrote a set of scripts in PL/SQL, sql*loader and database triggers for the conversion of the Accounts
  Receivable and Payable modules from the legacy systems to Oracle Financials 10.6.1 Multi-Org.
* Created a collection of C procedures for the analysis and cleanup of the legacy data files.
* Developed the Revenue Recognition, Revenue Reallocation and Discount interfaces using PL/SQL 2.3.
* Developed also the interface between the Order Entry system and AR, including both the Error
  Handling and the Log Control procedures using PRO*C 2.2, Oracle 7.3 and SGI Indy/IRIX 5.3.

Sep. 1996 - Oct. 1996    DATA GENERAL CANADA      Toronto - ON

* Completed the setup and conversion of the Accounts Payable, Purchase Order and Fixed Assets modules
  of Oracle Financials 10.6 / Multi-Org using PL/SQL 2.3 with Oracle 7.3 under AViiON / DG-UX 4.11.

May 1996 - Aug. 1996   CLEARNET      Toronto - ON

* Participated in the User Acceptance Testing of the new billing system for the first PCS - Personal
  Communication Services, in Canada. Tasks included test scripts, scenarios writing and process mapping.
* Completed a set of programs to write and read the UTX file - unrated transactions, using PRO*C 2.0,
  PL/SQL 2.3, Oracle 7.3 under HP 9000 / HP-UX 10.0 and Sun Sparc Ultra with Solaris 2.5.


Dec. 1995 - Feb. 1996    ORACLE Corporation Canada  (Jr. System Administrator) Toronto - ON

* Made installations, setups and some DBA tasks for courses of the Education dept. under HP-UX 9.0.
* Coordinated the copy of the US model, structure and standards, including the implementation of the
  Optimal Flexible Architecture - OFA, in the Canada's Training Centers using ORACLE 7.2.2.

Oct. 1995 - Nov. 1995     SEER Technologies  (Sr. Consultant)   Toronto - ON

* Completed five weeks of intensive training in Raleigh, NC. Studied and trained in the technical
  construction of very large scale client/server applications using HPS CASE under ORACLE 7.2.
* Participated in a one week workshop on Consultant Techniques in Orlando, FL.    (416) YES-DATA         Page 4

Feb. 1994 - July 1995     Origin C&P Services  (Sr. System Analyst/Sr.Programmer) Rio de Janeiro

* Worked closely with clients, achieving outstanding results at all full life cycle of the systems -
  data modeling, process analysis, programming and testing, delivery, training and maintenance.
* Consulted regarding PL/SQL statements optimization and database tuning for the Xerox Brazil.
* Completed (independently) all the full life cycle of the Parts Per Million - PPM and the CPS -
  Cost Performance Supplier systems for the Quality Assurance area of  Xerox Brazil using
  Forms 4.0, Reports 2.0, PL/SQL 2.0 and ORACLE 7 under Sun Sparc 20 and Solaris.
* Developed and administered a complete course on ORACLE 7 for Origin co-workers.
* Completed (in a team environment) the Distributed Data Processing - DDP project for the
  Manufacture area of Xerox Brazil using PL/SQL 2.0 and the distributed option of ORACLE 7.
* Completed (in a team environment) all the full life cycle of the Credit Card Contingency system for
  Mesbla Financial Systems using Forms 4.0, PL/SQL 2.0, ORACLE 7.2, HP PA827 and HP-UX 9.0.
* Completed (in a team environment) all the full life cycle of the Vessel Management system for
  Lachman Corporation using PL/SQL 2.0, ORACLE 7 and Gupta SQL Windows.

Jan. 1993 - Nov. 1993    Relational Consulting  (System Analyst/Sr.Programmer) Rio de Janeiro

* Completed (in a team environment) all the full life cycle of the External Accounts Reconciliation for the
  Souza Cruz Overseas using SQL*Forms 3.0,  SQL*Reports, PL/SQL and ORACLE 7 under SCO UNIX.
* Completed (independently) and maintained the Telephone Management system for the Mesbla Holding
  using SQL*Forms 3.0,  SQL*Reports, PL/SQL and ORACLE 6 and 7 under HP-UX.
* Completed (in a team environment) all the full life cycle of the International Trade Monitoring  system,
  including the Import, Export and Funding modules for the Bozano Simonsen Bank using PL/SQL,
  SQL*Forms 3.0, SQL*Reports, and ORACLE 6 under HP-UX and SCO UNIX.

Aug. 1991 - Feb. 1992   RHEEM Commercial and Industrial   (Programmer)   Rio de Janeiro

* Pioneered and implemented a system based on relational database (IBM SQL/DS).
* Administered a SQL course for the development team.
* Developed complex graphics, programs and reports for the Import/Export system.
* Programmed the Inventory Control system using COBOL/CICS/SQL.


Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro (PUC-RJ)

1992             M.Sc. in Computer Science, completed 12 credits.
1992             B.Sc. in Data Processing, graduated.
1988             Computer Engineering, completed 77 credits.


Canadian Securities Institute

2001             Canadian Securities Course (CSC), On-Going.

Ryerson Polytechnic University

2001             Business Management, 364 h, On-Hold (4/8 done).
2001             Accounting - Finance, 364 h, On-Hold (5/8 done).
1998             Web Design, 84 h, Completed.

Fundacao Getulio Vargas do Rio de Janeiro (FGV-RJ)

1995             International Business and Finance, 360 h, Completed.    (416) YES-DATA         Page 5


Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro (PUC-RJ)

1988 - 1992           Selected for partially repayable scholarship.
1991            Selected for two teaching assistant positions - C language, with scholarships.

Support Research Foundation of Rio de Janeiro (FAPERJ)

1991            Selected for Scientific Initiation Scholarship.


Dec. 1990 - July 1991     Furnas Electrical Company (IBM 3090, DATACOM/DBMS, IDEAL/4GL, COBOL)

May  1990 - Nov. 1990     Unique Systems (UNIFY 2000/RDBMS, ACCELL/4GL, C, SCO UNIX)

Jan. 1990 - Apr. 1990     Conectus Informatics (CLIPPER, C, SCO UNIX, DOS)

MEMBERSHIPS:     ORACLE CORPORATION BAP - Business Alliance Partner Program.

HARDWARE:          Sun Sparc Ultra, Sun Sparc 20, Sun Sparc Classic, HP 9000 series 800/G50,
                   HP PA827, SGI Indy Stations, SGI CHALLENGE XL 64-bit RISC server,
                   Digital Alpha 8400 server, IBM RISC 6000.

SOFTWARE:          ORACLE V8.1.6i, ORACLE V7.3.4-V6, Developer 2000, Reports V6.0, V3.0-V1,
                   Forms V6.0, V4.5-V2.3, PL/SQL V2.3-V1, SQL Plus, SQL Net 2.0-1.0, SQL Loader,
                   PRO*C 2.2, Enterprise Manager, C language, FTP, TCP/IP, Unix Shell Script,
                   Oracle Financials 11.5.1i /11, 10.7 NCA/SC-10.6, Oracle Manufacturing 11-10.7 SC
                   Multi-Org versions, Graphical and Character Interfaces - AOL, GL, AR, AP, PO,
                   OE, FA, INV, EDI, PA, CE, BOM, WIP modules, SQL/DS, DB2/2, HPS CASE
                   Environment, SQL Windows, Solaris 7, 2.7-2.4, HP-UX 10.0-9.0, AIX 4.0 -3.2,
                   SunOs, DG-UX 4.11, LINUX, SCO UNIX, 64-bit DIGITAL UNIX 5.6, IRIX 5.3,
                   NCR UNIX, Windows 2000-95, Windows NT 4-3.5, MS-DOS, telnet, DHTML,
                   MS Office 2000, FrontPage 2000-97, Homesite 3.0.1-2.5, HTML 4-3.2, Acrobat,
                   JavaScript, MS GIF Animator, Adobe Photoshop 5.5-4.0, Illustrator 8.0-7.0.                    (416) YES-DATA                    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION


Oracle Web Application Server (Oracle Corporation)
Define Flexfields - 10.7 SC (OC)
Oracle Inventory - 10.7 SC (OC)
Oracle Financials Technical Foundations (OC)
Oracle Accounts Payable - 10.7 SC (OC)
Oracle Applications System Administration (OC)
Oracle Accounts Receivable - 10.7 SC (OC)
Oracle General Ledger - 10.7 SC (OC)
UNIX / Systems Administration (OC)
UNIX / Network (OC)
HPS Case Environment
SQL Windows
Building, Config. and Expansion of PCs
SCO UNIX SVR3.2 / Administration
SCO UNIX SVR3.2 / Basic
New Microprocessor Architectures
Hypertext Applied to Software Engineering
Software Re-Utilization
LDT-COBOL / CICS / SQL Code Generator
Easytrieve Plus
COBOL / Report Writer
Datacom / DBMS
Introduction to JCL
Structured Logic and Programming
Unify 2000 / RDBMS
Dataflex / 4GL


Implementing Web-Deployed Applications (OC)
Upgrading Oracle Apps from 10.7 Character/SC versions to R11-NCA(OC)